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Communication with Spirit - Mediumship Reading

Communication with Spirit - Mediumship Reading

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Life has to end at some point. Love doesn't. M. Albom

Everyone loses someone at some point in their life. Everyone’s grief is different. Some people need answers or just reassurance that their loved one has passed over safely. It is at this time that we turn to the services of a Medium for answers.

This booking is for an evidential mediumship reading including psychic information regarding those that have passed to the Spirit World. We can not guarantee that you will hear from the person you wish to communicate with as Spirit work in their own magical way; however trust that you will be provided with whatever it is you need at this time.

This reading is approximately 35 minutes maximum with the opportunity to discuss any specific areas you are seeking guidance or clarity in; regarding the passing (not general life areas). Please note if you are seeking a personal psychic reading this is a separate reading. This reading focuses on Spirit communication only,

You will be contacted once the payment has been processed to arrange your appointment. Please email

All readings are via phone or zoom.

(*Please not all services must be booked and undertaken within 3 months of purchase date unless otherwise agreed)

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