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Healing Affirmations for Kids with Anxiety

Healing Affirmations for Kids with Anxiety

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‘Healing Affirmations for Kids with Anxiety’ is the new affirmation card deck by Nuggets of Wisdom. The box set of 45 cards holds a gentle message and colourful artwork for kids with anxiety, aged 6-13. Each deck includes a matching guidebook with suggestions on how to use the cards, and a guided meditation script.

Author and Creator – Kristie Vasili

Kristie is the author of the affirmations in this card deck. Kristie experienced anxiety from a very young age and has been dedicated to her healing since she was a teenager. The words in this deck have been mindfully gathered to support kids with anxiety.

Artist – Kasey Rainbow

Kasey is the artist who created the illustrations and cover art for this card deck. Kasey loves to share her artistic gifts with kids and adults alike through bright, vibrant, and colourful artworks.

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