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Gift of Gratitude Journal by Duane Alley

Gift of Gratitude Journal by Duane Alley

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The gift of gratitude is an immensely powerful force in success and achievement. What is appreciated in life appreciates and adds to your own performance and results. This "Gift of Gratitude: Journey" is a place to follow the simple and profound process set out by Master Teacher and International Performance Coach, Duane Alley.

You will find, over the course of 6 months, your own ability to recognise and then create truly significant results to be grateful for increases incrementally. This is not just the law of attraction and waiting passively for 'something' to happen but rather the rules of Creating and purposefully building a life and lifestyle of your dreams and desires.

Title Gift of Gratitude Journal
Author Duane Alley
Publisher Performance Results Pty. Limited, 2013
ISBN 0987057170, 9780987057174
Length 240 pages

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