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Soul Blueprint Numerology Reading 90 minutes

Soul Blueprint Numerology Reading 90 minutes

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Many people are drawn to these readings because they are unclear of their direction and path but also have an inner knowing.

Looking for clarity and guidance? Feeling lost and unsure of your direction? Then this is for you.

This is a full Predictive Numerology reading that details your Soul Blueprint. Often it confirms what your innermost intuitive thoughts and feelings are about your path, vision and purpose. This reading is on a deeper soul level and provides you with awareness and clarity on situations in your life and potential opportunities for you. This your opportunity to spend 90minutes with Sunita where she will provide detailed information about your purpose and path. You will also have time to ask questions about specific issues at the end.

The reading is in depth and covers:

  • your 6 Core numbers: Destiny (Purpose), Soul, Personality, Maturity, Birth Number and Life Path.
  • your 3 Major Cycles
  • your 4 Pinnacles and Challenges
  • karmic debts and karmic lessons if you have ay
  • your Personal Year forecast to help show you what to plan for and focus on
  • past life and repeating patterns you carry forward in this life, if relevant
  • psychic clarity and guidance on how to activate and utilise your vibration in areas of potentials

This consultation is approximately 90 minutes and you will have the opportunity to discuss any areas of your life you need clarity in. Feel free to contact me for further information or simply book your reading below. Your payment confirms your booking and I will contact you regarding your time and day.

You will need to email your date of birth, full name as stated on your birth certificate and any name changes after that. For any anomalies please email this information

Gifts vouchers are also available if your want to gift a loved one :)

This consultation is via phone or zoom.

(*Please not all services must be booked and undertaken within 3 months of purchase date unless otherwise agreed)

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