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30 Children's Yoga Picture Cards

30 Children's Yoga Picture Cards

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Yoga offers parents, nursery and primary school instructors the ideal opportunity to integrate enjoyable physical activity and relaxation practices into the school day. In order to make it easier to deliver a child-friendly, creative, and relaxing yoga program, the 30 yoga picture cards with bite-size visualization aids are here to help. The cards are divided into seven color-coded categories and ordered to lead the children from activation to relaxation, from easy warm-up sequences, through standing, hand-supported, seated, and floor poses, to the more dynamic counter-poses, and finishing with the relaxation exercises. Depending on time limitations, cards can of course be omitted from each category. Regardless of time limitations, each session should always include warm-up sequences at the start, some balancing poses in the middle, and relaxation exercises at the end.


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