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The Art of Mediumship Workshop - Canberra

The Art of Mediumship Workshop - Canberra

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Date : Saturday 2nd March 2024

Time : 6.00pm - 8.30pm 

Location : The Hierophant, 6 Barker Street, Griffiths, Canberra AC


Life has to end at some point. Love doesn't. M. Albom

Everyone loses someone at some point in their life. Everyone’s grief is different. Some people need answers or just reassurance that their loved one has passed over safely. It is at this time that we turn to the services of a Medium for answers.

The gift of Mediumship is given to a select few. Some accept it as a blessing and develop the ability to be a messenger from those passed over. Some fear the potential it gives us as humans to be the catalyst of change, kindness and compassion.

This workshop is for anyone with the gift of Mediumship, Healing or those who are interested in the finding out about the Spirit World. The workshop will cover:

  • technical aspects of Mediumship
  • practical exercises
  • working with Spirit
  • and understand where your growth opportunities are and development is.


Sunita comes from a generational line of gifted mediums and healers. Her path in this work started as a child with experiences of psychic abilities, visions, dreams, clairaudient, and clairsentience. Sunita started her development 20 years ago and is blessed have opened her psychic, mediumship and healing abilities and is continuously developing them. Her Mediumship faculties include clairsentient, clairvoyance, clairaudient as well as the faculty of teaching the arts. She is also a Mindset Coach and Yogini and combines her knowledge and techniques to help facilitate the personal and spiritual growth of her students.

Sunita will also give you feedback regarding your development during the workshop.



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