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Psychic Reading using Tarot & Oracle Cards

Psychic Reading using Tarot & Oracle Cards

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"The only journey, is the journey within".

We all feel uncertain and lost at some point in our life and sometimes we need help. Seers, psychics, clairvoyants, oracles and mystics have been used for thousands of years for their insight and ability to tap into the metaphysical, your spirit and your soul to help give you guidance on areas such as:

  • providing clarity to lift the fog you are experiencing by working on a SPECIFIC problem area
  • an assessment on your gifts and spiritual development
  • looking into path and potentials (a numerology reading is the appropriate reading if you seek this)

Tarot cards and Oracle cards have been a tool used by psychics for hundreds of years and are a great way to provide insight into your higher self to overcome problem areas.

"The Tarot has been a great love of mine since I started working psychically and have trained in using the Rider Waite tarot as they are the richest and most complex cards you can use in your development".

They are a great way to tackle a problem area in your life. This reading is 60 minutes and you will have the opportunity to ask questions as Sunita will focus on the problem area you need guidance in. All readings are via phone or zoom.

(*Please not all services must be booked and undertaken within 3 months of purchase date unless otherwise agreed)

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