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Healing & End of Life Doula Services for Animals (1 session)

Healing & End of Life Doula Services for Animals (1 session)

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Sunita has been working with animals for over 12years and is regarding as an 'animal whisperer'. She has worked with animals where families have exhausted themselves trying to find answers to underlaying issues and provides the animal with healing and support and often recommends the changes the family can make too.

Healing work is an amazing way to help bring calm to your furry family member. Sunita tunes into your fur baby and works with them intuitively. Her work is excellent and support ongoing conventional medical treatments too.


These sessions can be used for animals that are:

  • stressed animals can act out, become depressed, affect eating patterns and toileting
  • behavioural issues such as aggression, anxiety where there is an underlaying issue but you don't what it is
  • unwell animals with health issues
  • end of life doula work organising services the end journey
  • in palliative care and needs ongoing care for you and/or your fur baby


When healing and intuitive care is given, it helps with:

  • making an assessment of the stress and behaviour issues
  • recommendations for changes in the environment that will support your fur baby
  • calming the body with suffering and pain
  • relieving stress and anxiety
  • assists kickstarting the body's own healing process


When the sickness is terminal, healing can help with the transition into the Spirit world. Whatever the situation is, feel free to contact me for guidance first before booking a session. You also have the option to book multiple sessions.

These sessions are one hour and I come to your home where your fur baby is comfortable. Multiple sessions available for ongoing care.


Sunita has worked with animals for many years domestic and wildlife. She has been a foster carer for over 12 years with Cat Haven and continues to rehabilitate and provide care to many animals who are sick, in palliative care or have severe behavioural issues and are under threat of being put to sleep due to the severity of their behaviour. She has fundraised for shelters in Perth and Bali and rescues animals wherever she travels.


Please note Sunita is not vet trained, and this work does not replace veterinary assistance but works along side it medical care on a holistic level.

*Please not all services must be booked and undertaken within 3 months of purchase date unless otherwise agreed. Sessions are conducted by zoom or phone.

If possible, an in person session may available depending on the location. Additional travel costs will apply.

Please note 5% of consultation fees are donated to an animal shelter

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