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Festival of Love Workshop: Stop Attracting Sh*tty Relationships (Part 1)

Festival of Love Workshop: Stop Attracting Sh*tty Relationships (Part 1)

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Whether you are tired of attracting the same type of relationships or seeking a breakthrough and healing from past relationships, this is for you.
Whether it's a challenges with romantic relationships, family challenges or friendships, relationships can challenge us to grow the most.

This introductory workshop is Step 1 of my 3 Step guide to breaking through relationship challenges and tranformation you are looking for.

You see, in order to attract who we want, it is important to let go of past hurts, programming and challenges.


Step 1: Exploring Your Inner Landscape

  • Identify and understand your subconscious love and relationship patterns through intuitive methods and mindset coaching tools.
  • Gain insights into your attachment style and love language to uncover underlying blocks and self-worth issues.


The prerequisite for Steps 2 & 3 are Step 1.

Steps 3 & 4 will take place as on online workshop as you seek deeper healing and awareness into 

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